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In the recent bull market there were more stocks that fell than stocks that rose
It is common for stock prices to rise usually when market prices rise. In recent bull market, there were more stock prices that dropped. Therefore, it can be said that "some stocks with large market capitalization led the market's rise."
Can’t predict how long this bear market will last, but the latest one lasted for about a year
During the bull market, there were 3-4 cycles of rise and consolidation before a shift to bearish downtrend
How should I do in this market?
Bull market is good to buy new stocks
Start diversifying investments among stocks with a + growth potential
In a rising market, stocks with a beta value of 0.9 or higher have possibility for high returns
It is best to consistently buy at least 10 stocks
invest in ETFs with a beta value of 0.9 or higher
Reflecting the unique characteristics of the recent bull market, a good strategy may be to select a sector that is attracting attention in the market and a market bellwether within that sector
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Key economic indicators besides AI signal
You can also consider these economic indicators to read the market trends
Key economic indicators
Return on 10-year Treasury Bond
(Stock Market flow is mostly opposite from Treasury bond.)
Product Manager Index (PMI) Consumer Price Index (CPI) , High Yield
Spread Unemployment Rate, Yield Curve